My photography style leans toward cinematic & moody but I’m very open to different ideas.  I think it’s great to have a nice background or a fancy wardrobe but I personally think that the attitude, facial expression and body language of the model are far more important.  Supposedly, every photo has a story to tell regardless if it’s real or fantasizing story and my task is to capture the soul/spirit of a person and tell the story.
Photography is a teamwork between the crew, model and photographer, everyone’s role in the team is equally important.  I appreciate everyone in the set and always want to make the process interesting and fun.  After all, I take photography seriously and have the urge to pursuit portraiture in fine art.
When I have extra time, I enjoy helping artists, models or non-profit organizations to build their portfolios.  I’m located in the Bay Area, California and please connect if you’re interested to collaborate.  Thank you.